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Motorola CP160 Portable Two-way Radio
Motorola CP160 Portable Two-way Radio

The CP160 portable two-way radio, with display and front-panel programmable and navigation keys, offers enhanced usability and enables easy communications to teams and individuals.

With superb audio quality, additional channels and a compact, lightweight yet robust design, the CP160 is ideal for a wide-variety of businesses, delivering a professional solution at an affordable price.

A comprehensive range of accessories completes the CP160 communications package, including battery types, charging solutions and audio accessories.

  • Channel Alias
  • Enables channels to bhe given names, allowing users to view selected channels in a more user-friendly way.

  • Enhanced channel capacity
  • Operates on 32 channels.

  • Oversize Push-to-Talk button
  • Enlarged for maximum tactile response, accommodating users wearing gloves.

  • Programmable buttons
  • Four programmable buttons to quickly access the most needed features.

  • Bright sensors and LCD display
  • Tricolour LED and LCd display ptrovides enhanced information on callsing, scanning and monitoring features.

  • Large rotary channel selector
  • Switches channels quickly and easily.

  • Diecast chassis
  • Small, lightweight, yet sturdy frame is built to withstand everyday wear and tear.

  • Priority Channel
  • Scans for higher-priority channel.

Performance Characteristics
  • Frequency band
  • Frequency range
VHF: 136–162, 146–174MHz; UHF: 403–440, 438–470, 465–495MHz
  • Standard battery chemistry type
Nickel Metal Hydride
  • Power
1-5 W (VHF); 1-4 W (UHF)
  • Battery life (based on a 05/05/90 duty cycle)
10-13 hours
  • Coverage area
Programming software allows adjustable power output for varying coverage
  • Adjustable power levels
  • Optional battery chemistry type
Lithium Ion
Physical Characteristics
  • Dimensions H x W x D (with standard battery)
130.5mm x 62mm x 45mm
  • Keypad
  • Display
  • Weight (with standard battery)
Radio Features
  • Programmable buttons
  • Voice operated transmit (VOX)
  • Call tones
Quik Call II™
  • Number of channels
  • Private Line
  • Signalling
Quik Call II™, MDC-1200
  • Digital Private Line
User Environment
  • Accelerated life test
  • Mil spec
810 C, 810 D, 810 E, 810 F
  • Standard warranty
2 years
Download the Brochure of the product for more information about the specification and configuration.

Description Download or Format
Commercial Portable CP160 Brochure70KB,pdf