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Motorola CP140 Portable Two-way Radio
Motorola GP140 Portable Two-way Radio

The GP140, one of the market-leading radios in Motorola’s Professional Series, is a simple and affordable communication solution for portable users requiring a high-quality radio. It is easy to use with essential functionality and is the ideal entry solution.

With option board capability and a wide range of accessories available within the Professional Series; it’s easy to build a tailored communications solution to meet your needs.

  • Signalling
  • The radio software encompasses Private Line™ and MDC selective signalling.

  • Channel Scan
  • Allows activity on different communications channels to be monitored and answered.

  • X-Pand™ Voice Compression and Low Level Expansion
  • Crisp, clear and strong audio quality in virtually any noisy environment. Low level expansion allows further improvements in audio quality by reducing noise usually heard during pauses in conversation.

  • Voice Operated Transmit (VOX)
  • Hands free operation when used with VOX headset accessory.

  • Adjustable Power Levels
  • The radio output power has two settings - low power extends battery life and high power allows the radio to transmit over a greater distance.

  • Escalert Call Features
  • Escalating alert tone to alert user of incoming call. Starts at a very low level and increases until call answered.

  • Option Board Expandability
  • You can expand the existing capabilities by adding one of the following option boards:

    • Encryption for message security.
    • SmarTrunk II for low cost trunking.
    • Voice Storage option board provides voice recorder features allowing you to store and retrieve messages.
  • Talkaround
  • Freedom to communicate utilising a system or dispatcher for wide area coverage, or bypass and talk directly to another unit for easy local unit-to-unit communications.

  • Caller Tone Tagging
  • Allows different alert tones to be assigned to different caller identities.

  • Programmable Channel Spacing (12.5/20/25 KHz)
  • Flexible and easy migration of channel spacing requirements in any situation.

Performance Characteristics
  • Adjustable power levels
  • Encryption
  • Frequency range
136-174 (VHF), 403-470 MHz (UHF)
  • Battery life (based on a 05/05/90 duty cycle)
Up to 14 hours
  • Frequency band
Low band, VHF, UHF
Physical Characteristics
  • Dimensions H x W x D (with standard battery)
137 x 57.5 x 37.5 mm
  • Keypad
  • Display
  • Weight (with standard battery)
  • Available option board
Radio Features
  • Call forward
  • Channel spacing
12.5, 25, 20
  • Number of channels
  • Scan types
  • Time out timer
  • X-pand voice compression and low level expansion
  • Channel scan
  • Voice operated transmit (VOX)
  • Programmable buttons
  • Signalling
Private Line, Conventional/MDC
  • Call tones
User Environment
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Mil spec
810 C, 810 D, 810 E
  • IP Standards
Download the Brochure of the product for more information about the specification and configuration.

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GP140 Brochure Brochure514KB,pdf