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Motorola GR500 Repeater
Motorola GR500 Repeater

Increase the range and capabilities of your mobile and portable radios with the GR500 repeater. It provides the flexibility of frequency bands, power levels, and mounting requirements in a wide variety of applications. VHF, UHF, and Cross-band Capabilities are available in this unit. Optional Controllers can be added for enhanced features such as telephone interconnect multiple PL/DPL codes and signaling.

  • Modular Design - Allows quick field replacement of disabled components.
  • Wall-mount, lockable, heavy duty metal case - Provides ability to remote mount the repeater in an unattended yet secure site.
  • Supports VHF/UHF Cross-band Operation - Allows UHF and VHF radios users to communicate with each other.
  • Internal Mounting Space for additional components - Allows duplexers, preselectors and battery revert modules to be installed internally
  • UL, CSA Approved Motorola GR500 Applications.
  • Field Programmable.
  • Support VHF/UHF/Cross-band with multiple frequency operation available.
  • Internal mounting for Duplexer and Preselctor.
  • 25W continuous duty.
  • 40/45 intermittent.
  • 120/240V, 50/60Hz operation.
  • UL, CSA, TUV approved.
  • Integrated battery revert with float maintenance charger.
  • Compatible with all GR Series controller modules.
  • Frequency Range: VHF: 136-174 MHz; UHF: 403-520 MHz
Download the Brochure of the product for more information about the specification and configuration.

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Motorola GR500 Repeater Brochure1.47MB,pdf