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Ship Security Alert System
Ship Security Alert System
SkyWave Mobile Communications Inmarsat Germanischer Lloyd (GL)
FMT Ship Security Alert System (FMT-SSAS-V1)

FMT-SSAS-V1 is a ISatDataPro Terminal, programmed with Marine Asset Tracking and Ship Security Alert System, enables companies to track and monitor their vessels and boats, giving them increased visibility of business operations, enhanced efficiency, and greater safety and security for their vessels and boats - while lowering operational costs.

Secure HTTP encryption and password-protected identification ensure that sensitive data remains safe.

On-board equipment consists of a transceiver with concealed antenna which is linked to two alert activation points. In the event of a security alert, when an activation point is triggered, there is no indication on board that the alarm has been raised.

FMT-SSAS-V1 satellite terminal allows pinpointing exact location, speed, and heading of vessel. It can poll location on demand and change position reporting anytime. Full tracking control is in customers own hands.

Tracking Platform
Falcon Mega Solutions provides separate tracking portal for his customers. Falcon Mega Track (FMT) is very easy to use but having end to end tracking features for tracking your valuable assets.
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Key Feature & Description
  • Inmarsat Type Approve, CE Mark, FCC, RoHS, Anatel; Perfect for harsh marine environment.
  • Global Coverage of Inmarsat ISatDataPro, truly Satellite based service.
  • Engineered for maritime and low elevation-angle applications.
  • Extremely Low Power Consumption.
  • Simple SSAS Testing; No coordination is required between vessel and office to do SSAS Test.
  • Simple and easy cost control system. Online usage report for usage analysis.
  • Geo-Fencing Alerts and Notifications.
  • Distance and Bearing from 5 nearest Ports.
  • Track history for voyage analysis (2 Years).
  • Astronomical Calculations e.g. Sun Rise, Sun Set, Dawn, Solar Noon, Dusk, Day Light Period, Night Period.
  • Global Weather Information and Forecasting.
  • Quick and Easy Installation.
  • Quick Activation, can be used immediately after installation
  • Can be installed with GMDSS Power from 12~30VDC. Extremely low power consumption.
  • Manage fleet security using a proven and reliable Ship Security Alert System.
  • Easy Testing - Ship crew can test the SSAS unit with the help of test button provided in the junction box. No coordination is required between the vessel and the CSO for conducting schedule tests. Test Results are emailed to the CSO when test is conducted.
  • Set up secure logins to limit access to authorised parties.
  • Use email and SMS for out-of-office notification.
  • Control distribution of data to designated recipients.
  • Alerts, polling and vessel positions.
  • Two Alert buttons are provided to send a distress message on the unlikely event of Piracy / Armed Attack.
  • The Equipment is capable of being tested as per IMO requirement. FMS has made it easy to do the testing with the help of Test Button On-board, without going through complicated procedures and co-ordination over phone. The equipment comes to its normal mode as soon as test is completed.
  • Backup System for communication from Ship to Shore and Shore to Ship via Inmarsat.
  • Falcon Mega Solutions is the innovator of "Track by Distance" feature. Customers track the vessel by distance moved pre-set in the system. The vessel will send the position reports when set distance is travelled. The distance parameter setting can be set between 1 to 100 Miles. This feature has very high priority over "Track by Time Interval", where vessel may go somewhere and come back to same location between the two position reports sent against time, but track by distance can record all the movements of the vessel, which is really a true tracking of a vessel or object.
Position Reporting
  • Automatic Position Report (APR)
The default setting is 4 position report per day
  • Track By Distance
After moving pre-set (defined in system) distance by the vessel.
  • Security Alert Position Report (SPR)
Unlimited SPRs for real security alerts and routine testing
  • Change reporting frequency
Send command to change the reporting interval
  • Poll for position
Send command to request an immediate position report
  • Report History
View and download a log of all reports
  • Master Account
Full access and control of Alert Advanced
  • Admin Account
Limited access and control of Alert Advanced
  • View Account
Read only access to Alert Advanced
Regulatory CE, FCC, IC Other RoHS (Batteries not included)
Web Based Tracking Platform
Email Notification Template
IsatData Pro coverage
FMS Ship Security Alert System Diagram
FMT-SSAS-V1 Package List
  • ISatData Pro (IDP 690)
  • Quick installation mounting kit
  • 2 Alert button boxes (2 junction boxes)
  • Instllation Cables

ISatData Pro(IDP 690) Specification
Make: SkyWave Communication Canada
Model: IDP-690 (Marine)
Satellite: ISatData Pro Satellite Service
Input Voltage: 12 to 30V DC
Power Consumption: Rx: 45mA, with GPS: 60mA
Tx: 0.75A
Sleep: 100 micro A
Operating Temperature: -40C to +85C
Dust/Water Ingress: IP67
Vibration/Shock: SAE J1455 / MIL-STD-810G
Certification: Inmarsat Type Approve, CE Mark, FCC, RoHS, Anatel
Satellite: Two-way, ISatData Pro Satellite Service
Coverage: Global
Elevation Angle: -15 to +90 Deg
EIRP: 5.0 dBW
GPS Acquisition Time: Warm: 16 sec; cold:36 sec
GPS Accuracy: 4m (CEP)
GPS Sensitivity: Acquisition: -136dBm Tracking: -146dBm
IDP 690 Tracker