MF/HF Radio Equipment (DSC, NBDP)

SRG-1150DN/1250DN(DSC, NBDP) MF/HF Radio Equipment, which is designed and developed for medium and long range communications, fully complied with all the requirements of GMDSS that can be installed on both IMO and non-IMO vessel. SRG-1150DN/1250DN (DSC, NBDP), which is intergrated with DSC unit, Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) and Noise Blanker Circuit, enables reliable communications and also ease of installation owing to compact and light weight with NBDP function.

Key features
  • Compliant with ITU, IMO and GMDSS.
  • Compact & transmitter-receiver with a built-in DSC.
  • Easy to read information with large LCD(10.4) for NBDP terminal.
  • Easy to read Rx & Tx frequency at a time.
  • Available scanning variability of transmitter output, frequency & channel.
  • High stability for frequency with 10Hz Step Synthesizer.
  • Built-in alarm signal (2182KHz).
  • Storing up to 100 transmitted message (editable).
  • Storing up to 100 received message (every 50 messages for distress and ordinary).
  • Self-diagnosis function for easy maintenance.
  • Memory 100 Tx & 100 Rx Messages
  • Emission: J3E; H3E; F1B
  • Memory: 16 Mb
  • Direct Digital Synthesizer and Noise Blanker
  • Quantity
  • DSC/RX Antenna (SAN-30R)
  • TX Antenna (SAN-308)
  • Power Supply (SP-1250ADC) Input:110/220AC/24DC
    Output: 24VDC (30Amp); Automatic Batt/Charger
  • NBDP Terminal (SN-100) 10.4" Color LCD
Download the Brochure of the product for more information about the speci ce.html">LRIT (Long Range Identification and Tracking)
  • Ship Security Alert System (SSAS)
  • Containers And Trailers
  • Trains
  • Trucks
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