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AddValue Wideye SABRE
AddValue Wideye Sabre
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AddValue Wideye SABRE / Portable BGAN

The Wideye Sabre 1 combines a highly portable, robust design with all-round performance. This BGAN provides the single-user with a cost-effective voice and high-speed data solution for remote corporate network access. It is equipped with a range of common interfaces, providing connectivity options in the field and the swiveled antenna facilitates rapid and easy pointing for a satellite connection. Combined with its sub-laptop size, the terminal is ideal for single users who need to set up a complete broadband mobile office in frequently changing locations.

Our award-winning BGAN service provides simultaneous voice and broadband data communications globally.
BGAN offers Standard IP and a portfolio of guaranteed Streaming IP rates to meet all your data, voice and video needs wherever you're located.

Key features
  • Ultimate portability - at around half the size of a laptop, it is one of the smallest and lightest terminals in the range.
  • Simultaneous voice and broadband data - access your data applications and make a phone call at the same time using the SABRE 1.
  • Highly flexible - The terminal can be connected to a laptop via the Ethernet port or wirelessly via Bluetooth.
  • Global coverage - provides service anywhere within the BGAN coverage area.
  • Easy to use - You can easily access the service using the intuitive icon-based BGAN LaunchPad on your laptop.
  • Robust - the strong casing means the SABRE 1 can withstand the toughest of environments.
  • Completely secure - connect seamlessly via your preferred VPN application.
  • Standard IP: Up to 240/384kbps (send and receive)
  • Streaming IP: 32kbps or 64kbps (send and receive)
  • Voice: Via RJ-11 or Bluetooth handset/headset
  • Data Interfaces: Bluetooth, Ethernet
  • Ingress protection: IP 54
  • Dimensions:
    10.12 in x 7.64 in ( 259 mm x 195 mm)
    3.52 lbs (1.6kg)
General Applications
  • Remote access - high-speed access to your corporate network, as well as company and customer information.
  • Internet access - access the internet at speeds up to 384kbps.
  • Email - send and receive email via the internet or email applications.
  • Telephony - make phone calls at the same time as accessing data applications.
  • Streaming - select guaranteed quality of service up to 64kbps on demand eg. for video, audio.
  • File transfer - send and receive large files.
  • Store and forward - save and send files eg. video.
Description Download or Format
AddValue Wideye SABRE Brochure Download6.34MB, pdf
Coverage Map
Bluetooth IsatPhone Pro Bluetooth Headset
To use for the directional antenna RST700 Inmarsat - 20m SMA / TNC 6mm thick. GPS - 20m SMA / SMA 5mm thick.
Car Charger AddValue Wideye Sabre 1 Car Charger
With the DC power supply for the AddValue terminal, you can charge your AddValue via a cigarette lighter or with the optional solar panel. This is a great item to have when you're in a remote area and need to stay connected.
Adapter Addvalue Sabre 1 AC Power Adapter W Cbls
AC Power supply for the AddValue BGAN unit.