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Inmarsat-C TT-3020C
Inmarsat-C TT-3020C

The compact TT-3020C full SOLAS/GMDSS Capsat Transceiver is your ultimate choice for global Inmarsat-C mobile communication. The TT-3020C offers fast and reliable connections to any fax and data subscriber world-wide and/or directly to and from another Capsat unit.

The ruggedized, extremely compact design and power conserving features of the TT-3020C transceiver, makes it very attractive for use in your new GMDSS installation. Use it for control, management and/or communication, and always be ensured of a fast and reliable transfer of vital information i.e. position reporting, data monitoring, messaging, fleet co-ordination etc.

The TT-3020C supports all inmarsat communication modes, including telex, X.25, e-mail, and mobile-to-land fax services, the standard PU/PA programming formats, as well as an advanced reporting format with multiple DNID's, independent reporting timers and global ocean area pre-programming.

Key features
  • Certified to the latest INMARSAT-C specification for SOLAS/GMDSS with distress calling, CN 114, IEC 1097-4, IEC 945 and CE require.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Windows driven menus for easy operation.
  • 2 WAY Data, FAX and E-MAIL transfer to world-wide destinations.
  • Enhanced group calling (EGC).
  • 10.4" Color TFT LCD display (size : 640 X 480).
  • Main unit TT-3020C 1EA.
  • Message terminal TT-3606E 1EA.
  • Ant. TT-3005M 1EA
  • Printer TT-3608A 1EA
  • Key board 1EA
  • Power supply 1EA
  • Manual 1Lot
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Inmarsat-C TT-3020C Brochure Brochure328KB, pdf