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SatTruckPhone mobile IsatPhone
SatTruckPhone Mobile IsatPhone
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SatTruckPhone mobile IsatPhone w/ RJ11

Whenever your vehicle or truck is outside of cellular range, the SatTruckPhone™ system keeps field personnel in touch with headquarters, office or studio. Providing basic voice service via Inmarsat's satellite network and "IsatPhone" service, GMPCS bundles the Terra/Link satellite phone, mobile antenna and airtime service - for true one-stop-shopping. The SatTruckPhone™ system allows for satellite phone calls whether outside your vehicle, stopped on site or even on-the-move.

The SatTruckPhone™ satellite communications kit for broadcast professionals, or anyone who needs affordable satellite communications for immediate deployment to remote locations. The kit pairs the Inmarsat "IsatPhone" Terra/Link satellite phone. Included cables allow an external antenna to mount to the top of a vehicle, and adapters for the vehicle power supply, allowing in-transit use. For professional IFB and POTS interface, the IsatPhone Terra box has RJ11 port.
Package Includes
  • Dimensions 241 x 185 x 93 (mm)
  • Weight TC800 only: 2.80 lbs
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Bolt Antenna Spec Sheet Download164KB, pdf
Bolt Antenna Guide Download164KB, pdf
Coverage Map
Bluetooth IsatPhone Pro Bluetooth Headset
To use for the directional antenna RST700 Inmarsat - 20m SMA / TNC 6mm thick. GPS - 20m SMA / SMA 5mm thick.
Wire IsatDock 6M Cable - ACTIVE
Inmarsat - 6m SMA / TNC 3mm thick. GPS - 6m SMA / SMA 2mm thick.
IsatDock 13M Cable - ACTIVE
Inmarsat - 12m SMA / TNC 5mm thick. GPS - 12m SMA / SMA 3mm thick.