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Fleet Management
Fleet Management
Fleet Management

Fleet operations are always under constant pressure to deliver more efficiency and should have accurate information to have safe working environment for staff and protecting valuable assets. Falcon Mega Solutions provides satellite communication hardware and web based tracking platform to increase offshore communications to and from vessels, so you can monitor and manage your fleet anywhere. Vessel tracking systems also improves vessel security, while cost-efficiently enforcing fishing or border regulations.

ETA adjustments, fuel savings and off-hire calculations are some of the benefits of Fleet Management that help to improve voyage management.

Key Features
  • Quick and Easy Installation.
  • Quick Activation, can be used immediately after installation
  • Can be installed with GMDSS Power from 9~30VDC. Extremely low power consumption.
  • Automatic tracking for continuous vessel monitoring.
  • Falcon Mega Solutions is the innovator of "Track by Distance" feature. Customers track the vessel by distance moved pre-set in the system. The vessel will send the position reports when set distance is travelled. The distance parameter setting can be set between 1 to 100 Miles. This feature has very high priority over "Track by Time Interval", where vessel may go somewhere and come back to same location between the two position reports sent against time, but track by distance can record all the movements of the vessel, which is really a true tracking of a vessel or object.
  • Receive notifications of ships in high risk areas.
  • Asset accurate position on graphical map.
  • Speed, average speed and distance moved from the last position and current position.
  • Proximity ( city located in or most nearest one)
  • Weather forecasting and astronomical calculations e.g Sun Rise/Set.
  • Nearest sea ports along with distance from them.
  • Position report notification via email and SMS.
  • 128 Active Geo-Fences.
  • 2 years data backup.
Position Reporting
  • Automatic Position Report (APR)
The default setting is 4 position report per day
  • Track By Distance
After moving pre-set (defined in system) distance by the vessel.
  • Security Alert Position Report (SPR)
Unlimited SPRs for real security alerts and routine testing
  • Change reporting frequency
Send command to change the reporting interval
  • Poll for position
Send command to request an immediate position report
  • Report History
View and download a log of all reports
  • Master Account
Full access and control of Alert Advanced
  • Admin Account
Limited access and control of Alert Advanced
  • View Account
Read only access to Alert Advanced
Marine Tracking – Ocean Going Vessels
Marine Tracking – Ocean Going Vessels
Tracking solution for powered vessels.
Marine Tracking – Passenger Vessels
Marine Tracking – Passenger Vessels
Tracking solution for powered vessels.
Marine Tracking - Offshore Vessels
Marine Tracking - Offshore Vessels
Tracking of Offshore vessels e.g. Rigs, Barges, Anchor Handling Vessels, Supply Vessels, Tugs and Boats.
Marine Tracking - Unpowered Vessels
Marine Tracking - Unpowered Vessels
Tracking solution for unpowered vessels.
Fishing Boat
Fishing Boats
Tracking solution for fishing boats.
Leisure Boat
Leisure Boat
Tracking solution for Leisure/Pleasure Boat.
Web Based Tracking Platform
Email Notification Template
IsatData Pro coverage
IsatData Pro uses Inmarsat satellite system. Each satellite can 'see' about one third of the Earth, so there is some overlap between adjacent regions. Each satellite is equipped with a single global beam that covers up to one-third of the Earth's surface, apart from the poles. Overall, global beam coverage extends from latitudes of −82 to +82 degrees regardless of longitude.

IsatData Pro Map
Inmarsat coverage
Inmarsat currently operate 10 satellites in geosynchonous orbit, which means their position appears to be fixed when viewed from the Earth. Inmarsat position their satellites to transmit radio beams in two global configurations, four covering the oceans and three the major landmasses. Their combined footprints provide seamless worldwide communications coverage, except in the extreme Polar Regions.

Inmarsat Coverage Map
GlobalStar Coverage

GlobalStar Coverage Map