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Land Asset Tracker

FMT-LAT-V1 is a ISatData Pro Terminal, programmed for Land Applications like Land Asset Tracking, Enables companies to track and monitor their vehicle, giving them increased visibility of business operations, enhanced efficiency, and greater safety and security for their vehcile - while lowering operational costs.

Secure HTTP encryption and password-protected identification ensure that sensitive data remains safe.

Low profile satellite terminal allows to pinpoint exact location, speed, and heading of trailer. Can poll location on demand. Can change position reporting anytime. Full tracking control in customers own hands. Very economical. Customers can control budget according to their needs. Fully transparent billing system and much more.

In today’s economic climate there are competitive pressures to offer the best price without compromising on the speed and efficiency of customer service. At the same time, businesses are mandated with corporate objectives to increase revenue and reduce overhead and the cost of doing business.

Satellite communication links are critical to long-haul carriers and transporters of valuable and hazardous material. The ability to communicate with drivers at any time, combined with increased visibility of what is happening with and around vehicles, helps transporters increase business efficiency, decrease costs and comply with government regulations. Learn how SkyWave’s portfolio of satellite-based communication devices and airtime services drives efficiencies in the transportation industry.

Historically, the practice of running mining equipment was run-to-failure, or use it until it breaks. As prolonged downtime is no longer an option, mining companies are looking for systems to monitor mine equipment, safety, and efficiency to better manage their operation costs and profitability.

Today, the mining industry is facing many key challenges. Even as demand for mineral resources rises; higher capital costs, disruptions to production due to labour strikes and weather events, and increasing remoteness of deposits located in adverse environmental conditions; makes bringing supply to market more and more difficult for mining companies.

To address these challenges, mining companies are always looking for technologies to optimize production and reduce operating costs. Some of these technologies come in the form of remote telemetry systems that are designed to maximize the use of capital investments and at the same time reduce the costs of doing business.

Tracking Platform
Falcon Mega Solutions provides separate tracking portal for his customers. Falcon Mega Track (FMT) is very easy to use but having end to end tracking features for tracking your valuable assets.
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Key features
  • Inmarsat Type Approve, CE Mark, FCC, RoHS, Anatel, Perfect for harsh marine environment. Engineered for maritime and low elevation-angle applications
  • Truly satellite based service, and truly Global Coverage.
  • A Secure Service, access by Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) web servers.
  • User Friendly Web Interface for easy control of the Tracking Device.
  • Position updates with Map by email on PC or Smart Phone, SMS Update for non-Smart Phone.
  • Speed, Average Speed, and Distance Moved from the last position.
  • Can easily be installed by crew.
  • DC voltage from 12~30VDC.
  • Credit based payment system for budget management.
  • Online usage report for usage analysis, Tools for voyage/route planning.
  • Global Coverage of Inmarsat ISatM2M / ISatDataPro, truly Satellite based service.
  • Geo-Fencing Alerts and Notifications.
  • Proximity (City, Port or Land Mark).
  • Distance and Bearing from 5 nearest Ports.
  • Track history for voyage analysis (2 Years).
  • Astronomical Calculations e.g. Sun Rise, Sun Set, Dawn, Solar Noon, Dusk, Day Light Period, Night Period.
  • Global Weather information and forecasting.
  • Falcon Mega Solutions is the innovator of "Track by Distance" feature. Customers track the vessel by distance moved pre-set in the system. The vessel will send the position reports when set distance is travelled. The distance parameter setting can be set between 1 to 100 Miles. This feature has very high priority over "Track by Time Interval", where vessel may go somewhere and come back to same location between the two position reports sent against time, but track by distance can record all the movements of the vessel, which is really a true tracking of a vessel or object.
  • (and Much more)
  • Trailer / Container Tracking
  • Cargo Monitoring
  • Vehicle Control
  • Track location of vehicles, rail cars, trailers and containers anywhere, anytime.
  • Remotely monitor and control air-conditioning units in refrigerated trailers.
  • Remotely control electrical, pneumatic and fuel systems of vehicles in the event of a theft.
  • Vehicle & Driver Performance
  • Vehicle Telemetry
  • Fleet Management
  • Track vehicles to create trip reports, reduce fuel use and improve arrival time estimates.
  • Monitor speed, acceleration and engine start/stops and be notified of events like over-speeding and harsh braking.
  • Dispatch
  • Workforce Automation
  • Government Compliance
  • Transmit electronic documents such as work forms with instructions, completion acknowledgements and billing signatures.
  • Track vehicles to create trip reports, reduce fuel use and improve arrival time estimates.
  • Collect and transmit logs required to meet government regulations.
  • Transmit identification of personnel on transport buses for access control and logistics.
Ship Container
Mobile Mining Assets
From trucks, excavators, and loaders to dozers and graders, mining sites operate a variety of mobile equipment. Depending on the size of the mining operation, simply keeping track of the locations of this equipment is a challenging job - and optimizing use of these expensive capital assets can seem like an impossible one.
Tracking - Trucks
Wherever your vehicles are, Falcon Mega Solutions has tracking solution for them. FMS is helping you to track your vehicles moving around the globe from your PC or even from your palm devices.Read More
Ship Container
Tracking - Container And Trailers
Wherever your container and trailers are, Falcon Mega Solutions has tracking solution for them. Falcon Mega Solutions is helping you to track your container and trailers moving around the globe from you PC or even from your palm devices.Read More
Tracking - Trains
Falcon Mega Solutions is helping you to track trains wherever they are located. Tracking platform provides very useful information of trains on graphical map, heading, speed, average speed and distance moved.Read More
Web Based Tracking Platform
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FMT-LAT-V1 coverage
Hardware Specification
Make: SkyWave Communication Canada
Model: IDP-680 (Marine)
Satellite: ISatData Pro Satellite Service
Input Voltage: 12 to 32V DC
Power Consumption: Rx: 45mA, with GPS: 60mA
Tx: 0.75A
Sleep: 100 micro A
Operating Temperature: -40C to +85C
Dust/Water Ingress: IP67
Vibration/Shock: SAE J1455 / MIL-STD-810G
Certification: Inmarsat Type Approve, CE Mark, FCC, RoHS, Anatel
Satellite: Two-way, ISatData Pro Satellite Service
Coverage: Global
Elevation Angle: +20° to +90°
EIRP: 5.0 dBW
GPS Acquisition Time: Warm: 16 sec; cold:36 sec
GPS Accuracy: 4m (CEP)
GPS Sensitivity: Acquisition: -136dBm Tracking: -146dBm