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LRIT Conformance
Long Range Identification and Tracking (DMR-800LRIT)

DMR-800LRIT comply with international Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) regulations with the DMR terminal’s field-proven pedigree in ship security and vessel monitoring at low cost.

The DMR800LRIT is a pre-programmed, ready to use terminal that operates on the IsatM2M network. It offers a compelling cost advantage in situations where LRIT compliance is urgently required and an alternative for ship operators that do not want to burden the over used Sat C terminals with more requirements.

LRIT regulations mandate that passenger ships, cargo ships of 300 gross tonnage or more and mobile offshore drilling units report identity, position and timestamp at both regular and configurable intervals, with compliance by December 31st, 2008.

While many field-installed Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS) terminals are capable of supporting LRIT, most will require retrofitting or a supplemental unit in order to comply with the LRIT regulation.

As a recognized Communications Service Provider (CSP), SkyWave provides reliable global coverage over the Inmarsat satellite constellation. The DMR-800LRIT terminal operates on SkyWave IsatM2M, a service based on enhancements to Inmarsat D+ and optimized for position and status reporting. It offers a compelling cost advantage in situations where existing GMDSS equipment requires upgrades or replacement.

Key features
  • Enhanced low elevation performance for operation at sea.
  • Seamless global coverage.
  • Extended operating temperature.
  • Discrete input feed.
  • Over-the-air programming.
  • Embedded Data Log.
  • Fully compliant with International Maritime Organization (IMO) requirements for Safety of Life At Sea (SOLAS) V/19-1 (Long Range Identification and Tracking).
  • Low cost alternative to retrofitting if your existing terminal is not LRIT compliant, save up to 50% on up-front costs.
  • Stand-alone operation, easy to install and does not require a crew interface, making compliance quick and painless.
  • Seamless transfer between Flags. SkyWave’s Versa automated provisioning system permits automated transfers between ASPs
  • Easy to install requiring only a power and ground connection with no complicated installation tools.
Plus all the features and benefits of the DMR-800L, including:
  • Enhanced low-elevation performance for operation at sea. The only IsatM2M terminal type-approved by Inmarsat to minus 20 degree elevation angle.
  • Global coverage using the IsatM2M network and automated ocean region switching.
  • Extended operating temperature range allows reliable deployment in some of the world’s most demanding environments.
  • Over-the-air programming enables remote reconfiguration of reporting frequency in full compliance with LRIT.
DMR-800LRIT coverage
Coverage Map
Hardware Specification
Size: 160mm (diameter) x 97 mm (height)
Mass: 765 g
Operating Temperature -40°C to +70°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
Humidity: 95% Relative Humidity at +30°C non-condensing
Dust & Water Ingress: IP67/NEMA-4X
IP67/NEMA-4X: 5-20 Hz; 1.92 m2 /s3 random noise
20-500 Hz: -3dB octave random noise
Shock (survival): Half sine 6ms, 300 m/s2
Input Voltage: 12 VDC to 32 VDC
Power Consumption
(typical @ 12VDC):
Transmit mode: 10 W
Tracking mode (GPS on): 0.9W
Satellite Communications (D+/IsatM2M)
Frequency: Rx: 1525.0 to 1559.0 MHz; 32-FSK
Tx: 1626.5 to 1660.5 MHz; 2-FSK
EIRP: 9 dBW max
Elevation Angle: -20 to +90 degrees
Channels: 16 channels; 1575.42 MHz
Acquisition: Cold-start: 34s
SuperSenseⓇ: -148 dBm
Accuracy: 3 m CEP; 5 m SEP
International Maritime
Organization (IMO):
Fully compliant with all IMO LRIT
requirements as detailed in MSC.264(84)
Data Log
Capacity: 320kB; Up to 17,200 positions
External Interfaces
Serial: RS232: console interface
Password-protected access
Programming Capabilities
Script: Pre-configured and secured for LRIT reporting
Satellite Messaging
From-Terminal: LRIT standard report:
  • Position (2 second resolution)
  • Day of month
  • Time of day (1 minute resolution)
Configurable reporting frequency
from 24 hours to 15 minutes Current position response to over-the-air poll
Historical position retrieval via over-the-air query
To-Terminal: Poll vessel for position
Reconfigure LRIT reporting frequency
Query previous historical position
Certifications / Compliance
Satellite: Inmarsat D+/IsatM2M Type Approved
Regulatory: FCC, RoHS, IC Pending, CE Mark (R&TTE)
IEC/EN 60945 including section 11.2
Standard Compass Safe Distance:30cm
Emergency Compass Safe Distance:25cm
Download the Brochure of the product for more information about the specification and configuration.

Description Download or Format
DMR-800LRIT Data Sheet Brochure 286KB, pdf
Types of Ships required to transmit LRIT information Brochure 147KB, pdf
LRIT Regulations Brochure 37KB, pdf