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Train Tracking
Train Tracking
Track Anything, Anywhere, Anytime

Falcon Mega Solutions is helping you to track trains wherever they are located. Tracking platform provides very useful information of trains on graphical map, heading, speed, average speed and distance moved. At which station train is located, border crossing geo-fencing can help to monitor closely at what time and which what speed train is moving and how long it will take to search at destination.

FMS offers end to end tacking solutions with the combination of satellite communication products and with web based tacking application. Where you can manage and track trains with lot of options according to their need.

Key Features
  • Automatic tracking for continuous vessel monitoring.
  • Falcon Mega Solutions is the innovator of "Track by Distance" feature. Customers track the vessel by distance moved pre-set in the system. The vessel will send the position reports when set distance is travelled. The distance parameter setting can be set between 1 to 100 Miles. This feature has very high priority over "Track by Time Interval", where vessel may go somewhere and come back to same location between the two position reports sent against time, but track by distance can record all the movements of the vessel, which is really a true tracking of a vessel or object.
  • Asset accurate position on graphical map.
  • Speed, average speed and distance moved from the last position and current position.
  • Proximity ( city located in or most nearest one)
  • Position report notification via email and SMS.
  • 128 Active Geo-Fences.
  • 2 years data backup.
Position Reporting
  • Automatic Position Report (APR)
The default setting is 4 position report per day
  • Track By Distance
After moving pre-set (defined in system) distance by the vessel.
  • Change reporting frequency
Send command to change the reporting interval
  • Poll for position
Send command to request an immediate position report
  • Report History
View and download a log of all reports
  • Master Account
Full access and control of Alert Advanced
  • Admin Account
Limited access and control of Alert Advanced
  • View Account
Read only access to Alert Advanced
Web Based Tracking Platform
IsatData Pro coverage